What is the Role of Node.js in SEO

Many people say node.js is important and useful in SEO. I’m still confused how?? Can anyone explain!!!

I’m also curious about PHP. What’s wrong with it regarding SEO!!!

Neither have anything to do with SEO. They are both tools to render content to targets (browsers, web crawlers). How those tools are used to render the content can impact SEO if the content rendered is bad or invalid, but that’s nothing to do with the tools themselves.


with node.js the search engine can easily read the content and index the site faster.

Can you explain what you mean by this, @johntk22? Surely the content is rendered with HTML, no matter what technology is used for the back end.


I’m doing the SEO for https://gbogfmyo.com/ that’s why these questions are raising in my mind.

This is built using WordPress. AFAIK PHP is behind WordPress. The technique behind the site can affect the SEO in that sense that speed is a important factor of SEO. And Wordpress is not known for being speedy :slight_smile:

But this site seems to be pretty fast according to pagespeed.web.dev. But this site is not approved. There are issues that needs to be fixed in order to be in the SEO race.

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Okay. Got your point. Thank you!

Node.JS don’t have any direct relation with SEO.

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Okay! It means my friend was wrong!!!