What is The Right Meaning of "Actual Page PR2+"

Would you please tell me what is the meaning of “Actual page PR2+”. I have some confused about this. Is it site page PR or post page PR. If you help it will I must pleasant to you.

Thank you.

I ve seen actual PR 2,53 for example. Where is this written 2+ if you checked the PR of a site and it got you 2+ then perhaps the site uses google like algorithm and spits out that this site has higher than 2 PR but less than 3 :slight_smile: hope it makes sence because its all that I’ve got and i might be wrong :slight_smile:

Some people use the term “Actual PR” because it is possible to use blackhat tactics to make a PR look higher than it really is.

That being said, Page Rank is completely separate from Google’s search algorithm, and a lot of internet marketers would consider it to be outdated. It is more used for bragging rights that anything else in today’s SEO world. It has little to no effect on ranking or the strength of a particular backlink.

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