What is the problem here?

I got this template and installed it at
Now that I got everything set, I moved all the stuff in the live_site_files to the root,
but I lost the header text, can I fix this?

Well the header is done in a flash SWF.

I look at the correct version and there are no Javascript errors.

I look at the broken site and the error console has 404s being listed. This being one of them.


So that file might contain your header text? Worth investigating. I dunno where it is being called from. Good luck with that.



But it works now, just uploaded that file and walla

Glad it’s working! I question why you have it done in Flash though? What does Flash offer you in this case?

It was a template I got through themeforest. I really think I can do away with flash and duplicate the effect using css styles…but how do I find those styles?

The styles are in flash you won’t be able to grab those styles in CSS. You’ll have to do it yourself.

oh, like make a n immage for the h1 and h2?

Or try styling it with regular old CSS :stuck_out_tongue: .

oh ok, the font type is just Arial,
body {
font-family:Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;

So it would be simple enough

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