What is the present scenario of guest post in improving website page rank?

I want to know some knowledge about the content optimization.
What is the present scenario of guest post in improving website page rank ?

Guest posting is still beneficial to improve the search engine ranking of the website but not for the website page rank. The scenario of writing guest posting varies from person to person but as per my scenario here are tips to write it in a well manner :

  • At very first read guidelines and rules of the guest blogging site for which you want to write guest post.
  • Choose blog related to your niche.
  • Select negative or questionable topic for the post.
  • Bring the suspense in your post and keep it till the last means write post which will engage readers on the post to gain most useful information which will remain last in the post.
  • Add quotes and examples in between the post.
  • Add/design relative images as per guest post.

Thanks Mellisa Smith for your advice.

The advantage with guest posting is that you can post and add your links to already established blog sites. These should be sites that have gained regular visitors and subscribers. Aside from gaining a good backlink, you also drive traffic to your site. Take note, you drive traffic from those who possible take time to read.


Ideally you will want to gain contextual do-follow backlinks from authoritative websites that are related to yours in terms of content. Websites set up for the specific purpose of being a guest blogging site are ok just be careful that you don’t submit posts to low quality sites. You could check out post runner,

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Guest posting has its advantages and disadvantages. If it is done for the sole purpose of submitting your links without giving much consideration of the content and how it is presented, then it obviously does not improve your SERP nor it increases traffic to your site.

As a guest blogger, you have to show courtesy to your hosts. That includes your content and how you establish rapport with them. Thus, if done well, guest posting can definitely help your boost website in terms of SERP, traffic and network. It also give more credibility and builds stronger relationship.

Guest posting is great for building back links that are natural and reputable. Back links can be hard because they have to be natural and logical, but with guest posting you do not have to worry about these facts.

Guest posts improve ranking and position in SERP. But you should do quality guest posting, no spinning texts or too promotional arcticles.

Google STILL LIKES guest posting. Why? Time and time again, Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, said that Google prefers link sources where there is some EDITORIAL DECISION whether to create a link or not. Many pre-Penguin SEOs preferred sites that will automatically give you a backlink (example: article sites / blog farms). There is no trust established when you use an automatic link creation system. Guest posts need to be approved by the blog’s owner so there is an editorial control system and Google thinks there’s more trust here.

Before you go on a guest posting rampage, consider the following

Page rank of the source
Topic relevance of the source
Overall quality of the source
Traffic volume of the source

My final tip: Don’t guest post just to get back links, guest post to expose and establish your BRAND.

Have to agree with colossal on the purpose of guest posting. While guest posting will help you to obtain back links, its more suited as a marketing tool to promote your brand to the public. If there’s one thing I can add on, it would be to look into what kind of guest posts to write about, on top of reviewing the potential of your source. Do not just write about your product in the process of guest posting. It would be wise to promote the niche area your product/website is in or write round-up posts of products/websites similar to yours.

This is a post I find particularly inspiring for those wishing to try out guest posting: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2194396/How-Guest-Posting-Propelled-One-Site-From-0-to-100000-Customers

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My friend just wrote this article about guest blogging - http://seo-hacker.com/guest-blogging-googles-target/. Right now, guest blogging is still safe. But it might not be for long. Matt is famous for never giving a straight answer on anything! But looking at past examples of Google’s activity, it seems like they always go after the strategies that work. They don’t want anyone gaming their system - no matter how successful it is!

Focus on engaging the audience of the blog you are guest posting on. SEO considerations should be SECONDARY, if at all. Focus instead of being CREDIBLE and sucking up as much direct traffic from the niche-relevant blog you’re guest posting on. This way, you create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. The host blog wins. You win. And the viewers win. This is the way it should be instead of the usual WIN-LOSE situation many wannabe ‘guest posters’ seem to be stuck on.