What is the name of this functionality so I can import it too wordpress?

I want to know what is the name of this functionality that I found in this website: https://www.bain.com

It asks you couple of questions and based on your answers the site will display the best services for you. I just want to know the name of this thing so I can do proper search.

Thank you

The closest term I can think of is “drill down,” though it is usually in conjunction with top or side menus. Click on a button and a pre-determined menu of options appears.

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If you are showing a pre-selected list based on a button, then you can use show/hide to show the next group of items.

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If you are providing this information from a JS database, then you would use TaffyDB or other array/database to make this work. When selected, the text is matched up with the database, then original is set to hide, and results are set to block to show them.

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