What is the most efficient Browser in HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

I am looking for a browser that is at least can support 90% of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Any suggestions I am using chrome now IT’s javascript support is VERY high but its CSS is bad I tested chrome it said 68% in CSS and 528 OUT OF 555 POINTS in HTML.

Here are my guesses that I think might be good:


How are you testing this? What service?

I am using these

HTML: https://html5test.com/

CSS: https://css3test.com/

You won’t find any browser that supports all of css because it’s constantly evolving. There are always hundreds of properties in development.

Those tests are mostly irrelevant as they are testing for properties that are not yet mainstream or passed w3c specifications.

All you need be concerned with is what support the code you are using has. Browsers are somewhat irrelevant in that you don’t just design for one browser. You use code that works best in all modern browsers.

If you use a cutting edge property then use caniuse to check it’s browser coverage. If it’s important to the layout then don’t use it until it’s fully supported by modern browsers.

It’s only in the last couple of years that we’ve been able to use flexbox but it’s been around much longer than that.


You are going to find all the major browsers… Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge (chrome based version) are going to have very high support because they are working with the W3C when they develop their specifications and are actually the ones pushing a lot of the CSS/HTML/JS specifications. So much so that often times the browsers even do MORE than what is in the standard (sometimes to their detriment).

But those browsers are considered very good at conforming to the standards and you should develop with all four in mind. Their convergence on the standard now has long been desired and it is finally something that is coming into being.

So I wouldn’t worry too much of what those tests are telling you as being definitive. Check caniuse.com and MDN for knowing how much things are supported.

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To get a good answer, it may be worth knowing why.
What do you want this browser for?
Everyone has made a fair assumption that you want it for web development.
Or is it for use as an actual browser?
But for actual development, you should be mostly concerned with the browsers that your web visitors will be using. If you used only a browser that scored 100% (or close), the chances are the site would fail miserably in the real world.
Though if you just want it for your own personal use, for example to practice and experiment with the latest bleeding edge CSS, that’s another matter.


CSS HTML and javascript coding.

The title says efficient but your question says support; they are very different.

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