What is the most adequate database technology for Google Sheets?

Hello everybody!
Adrian from Romania.
Thanks for reading this.
We use Google Sheets to keep track and interact with our customers. In order to find previous interactions with our clients we need to set up a database for reliable data storage.
I know Google Sheets it’s in itself a great way to store data, but we add 200+ leads every day, and search (via standard and advance sheet search) is getting slow. In addition we need the data displayed in a sidebar with previous interactions so i think a database is compulsory.

So what database technology should i use?
Or maybe there is another Google service that would be more adequate?!
I appreciate any suggestion, this project is kind of important for our company.

*Already built a mysql and php program but it is very very slow, don’t know if the programing language doesn’t click with gsheets or the code it’s just bad, but i am not satisfied with the result.

For the curious ones here is a link for the current worksheet:


So you have done benchmarking to identify the google api calls are the cause of the problem? How many google api calls are being made on the problematic pages? Is there a way to minimize those calls. MySQL isn’t slow by itself. The application you build which is slow probably isn’t very well optimized and/or isn’t supported by adequate infrastructure.

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Well, it turns out the code was bad, i hired a new freelancer and in no time everything started working like it should.
Thank you for showing interest in my problem.

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