What is the html code for ®?

What is the html code for ® ?

I tried googling and binging it but I got nothing.

I think © is for the copyright symbol which is similar.

has some foreign language codes for special characters.

So far I have not found how I can represent ® and if I put it in this forum in an html file it comes up as garbage in IE (locally at least).


It is either ® or ®
See this page: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp
(I know, w3schools)

Hehe, just for good measure, you can also write it as






Oh wow, I wrote it as & # 174; but the board actually converted it.
How did you do that, Ralph?

Magic. :slight_smile:

No, actually, I just wrote out the code and then wrapped half of it with the color black. That fools the system and it doesn’t see it as a value to be converted any more. (Hehe, computers are so easy to fool sometimes … silly things! :rolleyes: )

I pressed “Reply with quote” and saw that you’d done that, but thought “nah! that can’t be it”
I’ll bear that trick in mind. Thanks.

Yes, this issue used to frustrate me a lot, so it’s a handy trick to remember. :slight_smile:

Or if you are using UTF-8 just have the character as is no codes.