What is the html code for removing social media icons from blog?

i have recently started a blog.in that blog i want to remove some unnecessary social media icons.plz suggest me the html code regarding this.my site is indiagovtjobrecruitments.blogspot.in

Why don’t you attach a screenshot showing which social media icons you wish to remove?

This site was copyrighted in 2011? Did you recently assume ownership of the blog? It doesn’t sound like you started it.

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Sir, actually I am using old templete which was developed in 2011 for that blog. I think its showing because of templete. I just started this site one month back and I am still working on this blog and posting articles. If it becomes a problem for me, please suggest how to overcome this.

Thank you for responding sir

The first question requested that you attach as screen shot showning which social icons you wish to remove. Otherwise, I do not know which ones you consider unnecessary.

Generally speaking, one deletes the code for the social media elements from the HTML and related code from the CSS and possibly JavaScript, if any. Do you know how to use any browser’s developer’s tools? Do you know how to read HTML and relate it to CSS?

I highlighted in Red rectangular box (Icons) which i dont want on my page. I have knowledge on use of java script. I found icons keywords in my templete html and I tried to remove but it’s showing errors.

This is good. Thank you.

I generally use Firefox browser with the FireBug plug-in. Give me a few minutes to create some screen shots that explain the process of finding the social buttons. You can probably do the same thing with Chrome’s dev tools.

I’ll post again shortly.

Try ading this to the bottom of your CSS file

div.custom_images {
  display: none;

Sorry Ron, don’t mean to step on your toes :feet:

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Using Firefox with the aid of FireBug, I clicked the blue arrow in the top left corner of the FireBug window then hovered over the social icons. Firebug drew an outline around the outer box. I then clicked the box and FireBug showed the code that is associated with those icons.

I used the same technique described by @Mittineague to test how the page would behave if the HTML were deleted. It looks good. (you can see where I added “display:none”)

Next, I right-clicked the browser window and selected “Show Page Source”. I searched the HTML for the className “addthis_toolbox”. Note the classNames of the components within that box for further examination. In the screenshot, I have highlighted the lines of HTML that should be deleted.

Please note that the validator in the lower portion of the display shows 327 errors in the code. I recommend that you spend as much time as necessary to investigate and clean up as many of those errors as possible. Only when the code is “clean” can one feel sure that it will respond properly to the CSS.

Hope this helps.

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Well explained sir… Its working now without social icons. Thank you very much sir…


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