What is the error msg all about?

I am trying to migrate my website from one place to another. while doing so, i have uploaded all the files to new location, and setup my variables properly, but still i am getting this error msg:

Template Error: set_root: /var/chroot/home/content/33/5956433/html/templates is not a directory.

PLz help. Krst

What CMS are you using? That doesn’t look like a normal PHP error.

I got that build from a service freelancer,

This is CUSTOMIZED CMS, build in PHP 5.0, MqSql, hosted on LINUX

A quick Google should point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

I did, but no luck.

As this is a customized one, so not able to get anything @ google

www DOT dialindiadial DOT com, where i am getting the this issue

i have a folder name “templates” in place…

PHP Code-----------

function show_login($msg=“”)


global $SVP;

global $SVP_Main;

global $SUP;


$t=new Template($SUP."templates");






The root might be a setting saved in a database table or a config file. If you’re moving it to another host (or another folder) then that root has to be changed as well.

Did you make a backup of the database? Do a search for ‘/var/chroot/home/content/33/5956433/html/’ (or a part of that) in the backup.
Also check if there are any config.php files (they might have another name of course) that contain that string.

there is no table contain such infomation, i am sure about.

We use common.php instead of config…and here it is:


I really dont understand about that piece of code…

If you are moving your website, then you’ll have to put the new root between those quotes:


One of the elements present in the $_SERVER superglobal should give you the correct value, but I don’t remember which one.
Try putting a print_r($_SERVER); in your code and see what pops up.

Edit: accoring to the first user note on that page, $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”] should contain what you need.


YES GOT THAT…and the website is now working fine…


Thanks guido2004 working with me on that. REP ADDED.

FWIW, if you had clicked the link I posted, the first few results told you how to fix it. :wink:

I’m glad you’ve sorted it though, nice work Guido2004.

sorry not paying atten to your words.

but at the first glance, t thought you are asking me to Google it, didnt notice that you offered me a link there, which also offers the same solution.

btw i am good now…and issues has been resolved.

Many thanks to both of you.