What is the difference between CPM and eCPM?

Hello i am new here and want to know the difference between CPM and eCPM

Can anyone explain me in details about CPM and eCPM

You’ll find Google is very good at answering questions like this.

Thanks for that i am searching this on google as well but i want more and more idea about this question.


Try these two brief but clear explanations from Google.

CPM: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/18196?hl=en

eCPM: https://adsense.googleblog.com/2006/02/ecpm-what-exactly-is-that.html

Do they answer your question?

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Yes they did answer my question

Thanks for your response as well

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CPM isn’t only a metric in your reports, it’s also a method of buying advertising.
You could also get the eCPM based on the metrics CPC (Cost per click) and CTR (Click-through rate), which is quite useful when you’re buying CPC and have an estimate of what your CTR will look like:

eCPM = Cost Per Click x Click-Through Rate x 1000

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