What is the datatype should be on this

HI, Can i ask some help i am confuse…i want to store this time

14:53:49 PM
,is it okay to use varchar datatype on this ?.or what datatype should i use on this ?

Thank you in advance.


Hi guido2004,

i want to insert this 14:53:49 PM but i don’t know what datatype for my column field.

Thank you in avdvance.

first of all, that doesn’t make sense

it’s either 14:53:49, without the PM, or else it’s 2:53:49 PM – but 14:something along with PM doesn’t make sense

and the datatype you’re looking for is TIME

it won’t “store” the PM part, so if you want to see AM/PM when you retrieve the value, you need to use the DATE_FORMAT function

Thank you so much r937 :slight_smile: