What is the best way to show script problems and solutions?

A recent topic highlighted jsFiddle problems and also the benefits which mostly apply to desktop users. Considering that mobile and tablet usage is increasing on a daily basis I was wondering and hoping to find the best way, mainly for mobiles and tablets to be able to easily follow a topic.

The best way is to supply a link to a web-page and if it is Php generated then show the relevant script - (echo highlight_file( __FILE__ ); may be useful.

Other display methods are GitHub, DropBox or the free Html viewers.

Supplying complete contents in a zip file is a bit tedious for desktop users to download, unzip and render, also impossible for mobile and tablet users :frowning:

I would be grateful for solutions detailing benefits and drawbacks, not just a link to a free Php/Html solution.

For those users who prefer NOT to supply links to their own sites there are free internet service providers available which can be used with free domain URL registration. All it takes is a bit of time and uploading source content with the free FileZilla package for all platforms?


While I develop for smartphones and tablets the majority of my developing and designing is on my iMac. Though I do pust my scripts on Github for two purposes with the main one being a nice off site backup of my files should something happen to the onsite backup. The second one is the ability for others to see my repositories in order to help the out in their endeavors.

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