What is the best way to create native mobile from wordpress site?

I am looking for fast way because building the API manually will take a lot of the time and the wordpress using learn press theme. I found plugins but dont know which is the best ?

The very first question I would ask is whether a native app is necessary or would a responsive website or dedicated mobile experience suffice. Users are selective in installing native applications. It doesn’t make sense to build a native application for something which users are not going to find value using as a native app.


Ignoring the fact that “best” is subjective, so what is best for one person may not be best for another, arguably the easiest way to create an app from a website is to create a “web view” app. However, that just creates an app that looks and functions exactly like the website, which is a pretty pointless exercise as windbeneathmywings says (kind-of).

A mobile app should offer something different from the website, not just ape it: cut-down functionality, additional functionality, a UI that is more suited to a mobile device, whatever.

Look at the mobile apps you most use and ask yourself if it functions the same way as the website. I very much doubt that any of them work the same way as the website.

I know but client want a native app. I will try again to demonstrate this.

For example ecommerce sites like Amazon make apps to get more sales

Exactly. It’s not a copy of the website.

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