What is the best solution for a wordpress based e-commerce/forum website


I am currently working on an exciting client site that sells various products. I have built my theme and installed woocommerce and fully set the store up, which has also created the “cart”, “checkout”, and “shop” pages, as well as the “My account” page for logging in or editing address information.

The problem is this site will be comprised of the store but also a forum. I have installed bbPress but haven’t gone much further because what i am essentially aiming for, im not sure if i can do with bbPress and buddyPress, or if i should simply use an external forum software such as myBB. Basically i want an easy to use forum attached to the site where users can register to post and discuss various topics, and it would be handy if bbPress could be integrated with woocommerce but i cant even find a way to create a user on the forums or start discussions

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