What is the best software for work management

hello guys as i am new in this forum i wan to know about the work mangement software. As there are paid and free as well but which is the best way to use? Let me know

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Hey there,
Welcome. Do you mean project management software?


By work management software if you meant project management software then I would like to tell you that there are indeed many paid and free web based project management softwares like podio, proofhub, zoho, asana.

I like to use Capsule CRM as it can be combined into Freshbooks which I use for my accounting. Their is many different ones, I say give a few a try and see what works well with you. I like to keep to paid software most of the time(not all, as their is so much good free software out there) but I feel with paid software you get a quality product, good support and continuous updates which is good.

ERP Software

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