What is the best social media?

As a new comer in social media,i want to know What is the best social media? What social media is user friendly?

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Like most things in life there is no best. What will work for you is relative to what you want to do and what each network / site offers.

So what’s your goal? Assets? Resources?

Hello Friend…

here i am sharing best social media sites…

Google Plus+

And if his site is focused on the Chinese market? Or the Brazilian?

Social Media also includes Orkut.com, once a rage in Brazil and elsewhere before Facebook and Hi5 did the kill.

MySpace - although it sounds like a backyard project of Microsoft where the first programming code program spells like this - Hello myJava World…:slight_smile:

Digg - for information and news sharing
Squidoo - for submitting quality material
Limewire - a very recent discovery for me, but very professional
Hubpages - a must have for Social Media tweaking for your web portal and website

And more to the point, anyone can list Social Media sites but unless you can tell why you believe they are the best, you may as well save your time and everyone else’s. :frowning:

I would start with Facebook because it has the broadest reach by agegroup but have to qualify (as has been previously mentioned) for a social media campaign to be successful you need a good plan. You really need to think about who you’re talking to, what you want to say, why you want to say it on social media, if you want people to respond, what you’ll do to manage those responses (good and bad), how you’ll encourage people to go there and if there’s any benefit for you.

Facebook usage by region globally: http://www.internetworldstats.com/images/world2012FB.png

Beginning ? There’s over 1 billion users of Facebook or about half the active internet population. “Adults” make up the bulk of that.

Social Media has emerged as an important internet marketing tool connecting you with your target audience while involving them in the discussion. There are different social media options, what you need to do is to realize your needs and choose for the best option or use a combination of all the mediums. Some of the social media options include Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best social media tools who like to show their work through images. <snip> also has its accounts on different social media accounts.

According to me Facebook Is the best social media , cause it’s have huge community and it’s have lot’s of facilities to grow your bushiness .

In my opinion i think you should have to start social media with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, all of these are user friendly. To get benefits from social media you should have to good count of followers and friends in your profile who are interested in your field. Before follow or send and accept friend request you should have to check their profile because their are so many fake user available on social media.

Facebook is the best social media site…where we can share our views with different people’s easily…and also we can increase our network…which is very helpful to share & gain the knowledge…

But the thing is that for which purpose you are asking?

In my suggestions, the most prominent social media sites are: FaceBook, MySpace, GooglePlus+, Twitter, LinkedIn and some others. You can find the latest list ranking of Social media sites from Google. Use that list to market your websites with best SEO strategies. Almost all sites are user friendly and nothing is hard on these sites to promote / post anything.

Facebook, Twitter and G+ are the trinity of social media. Being active on these and adding quality content will get you tons of followers because they go viral easy.

It depends on your purpose. If you are looking for a social network for personal use, Facebook would be good. Professional network? Linkedin would be the best. Need an image sharing social network? Go with Pinterest.

However, if you are look at social media marketing, you need to enter in to all these spots.

The answer is no best. But for me, g+ and pinterest work better than others. A moment ago, I spent lots of efforts on facebook, but unfortunately I didnt receive much traffics from there. So facebook is not a happy experience for me.

Maybe you have the wrong goal?

Well, I think Facebook is the best social media site ever.

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