What is the best image slider/slideshow to use in a custom wordpress theme?

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a free wordpress slideshow plugin ? im looking for something simple to use where i can just place the shortcode inside the div i want the slider to display in, and set the dimensions in the plugin settings and images can be added from the wordpress dashboard?

What kind of slideshow would you like. There’s quite a range of options in terms of how images are displayed—such as sliding across the screen, popping up over the page etc.

I really like skitter slideshow although i couldnt get that working for some reason :confused: nivo slider is great too although im looking for a free option that i can include in a template i built myself… with skitter i placed the shortcode into the div i want it displayed in, activated it, set the dimensions, activated it and set the category of images to use but it doesnt display ? just a blank space where the div is but no slideshow

I hadn’t seen Skitter before, but it does have a WordPress version. Can you post a link to the version you did with Skitter? Perhaps we could suggest what’s wrong.

Other than that, I really like bxSlider, which isn’t quite as fancy, but it does have a WP version.

The site isnt actually hosted at the minute its been taken down sorry… It really does need to be something that has animated transitions like nivo for example. there are lots of plugins but none of the documentation really explains how i embed it within my own template rather than an out of the box template

Apart from bxSlider (which I added above) I also like the look of Wow slider, which is fully documentnted, but I think it costs about $20. Well worth it, if you ask me.

Depending on what functionality you want (responsive, touch compatibility etc) there are some good ones here. I’d stick to the top 3-4. Personally I like the Slider Pro but have seriously contemplated the Royal Slider and Layer Slider for other projects.