What is the best hosting for website?

i would like to create a WordPress website. What is the best hosting for my website?



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It depends what you mean by ‘best hosting’.

But, http://wpengine.com/ is really good in term of speed, reliability, etc. It’s entirely based on hosting WP. But, it’s not free either :wink:

What the WP people don’t tell you is that they built a CPU intensive suite which often exceeds the “quotas” established by “fair use” policies on typical, low end websites.

The solution for WP (applies to Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and E-Commerce) is to find a host which knows the additional requirements for these CMS’s and accounts for them by limiting the number of users on the shared server. WebHostingBuzz does this (view the appropriate account by linking to http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/ then finding the CMS at the BOTTOM of the page (http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/wordpress-hosting.php for WP). They have different level accounts for small users through a VPS if you’re running a massive number of WP websites. I had a Drupal account for a client of mine and the only problem he had was of his own creation (not keeping his Drupal up to date - a common problem with CMS’s). I have two other accounts with WHB and know that their hardware and software are up-to-date but their “gem” is their support staff.

Since I’m not aware of any other host which offers CMS-tailored hosting accounts, I can’t make any comparisons but you can’t make me move my accounts from WHB!



I don’t find that best of websites and review websites are the most help any longer. If you scroll down to the bottom of these sites you will find on some a disclaimer that some sort of compensation was passed along for adding the company on the list. Not always the case but most top ten sites of this sort will have them.

A much better way to judge web hosting providers and their services is by the level of their support, 24/7/365 the type of contacts you can use, phone, live chat and ticketing, all of these should be in place and their uptime. Hosting is a competitive market and the longevity of a host can be a factor in their quality.

Hostgator or godaddy both are good for webhosting.



Good question! I believe that the answer is that both the named “hosts” have had such terrible reputations that nobody will use them. To me, that says that Irvin1 is a shill from one or the other “host” or a newbie who doesn’t know any better.

Irvin1 - sorry for what may appear to be an attack on you but I’ve been the TL here for years and monitored too many complaints against both companies to count (except that GoDaddy is apparently a good registrar). Nothing personal - REALLY! - just my perception from years in this board and a warning to other members who haven’t been here very long.



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Hostgator is the best for wordpress website hosting.

Please explain why? We can all make generic statements like that, it is the why that separates us out from the frivolous fluff. Without a why, the user can’t possibly use your response to make their decision.

Why was Hostgator the best wordpress website hosting for you? Do they have a one-click install with automatic updates? Do they provide top of the line support? Do they help you set it up in a way so it doesn’t feel bogged down? What makes them special?

In my experience Nexcess(http://www.nexcess.net/) offer the best service in PHP hosting, excellent support, the server’s never overloaded, and the performance is amazing for magento, wordpress or expressionengine.

A bit ironic, but I hope your site isn’t using them.

JustHost is considered the top web hosting provider today because there’s hardly anything negative about their service. It simplifies the process of website building and if you’re starting out with your business, then JustHost is the best choice. One good thing about this hosting service is their 24/7 live support which can help you with your queries. For a low price, you can get the most out of this web hosting provider.

I don’t know about Godaddy but being a Hostgator customer for about 6 years now, I really can’t see how anyone can reccomend this company. What is it to be likable there… the 30 hours queue for an answer in a Trouble Ticket? The three major incidents in three years, leading to 24-48 h of downtime ?

Thanks everyone, the OP hasn’t returned since starting this topic so it’s safe to assume they’ve made a decision by now and have moved on.

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