What is the best activity in off-site SEO?

the best activity in off-site SEO which you used and get the result.

Guest Blogging and Forums answering in niche realted sites are best

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Why do you say that, @tanmayjain642? Simply stating something is “best” without saying why, doesn’t help anyone. How are you defining “best”?


Guest-blogging is best bc it will bring traffic who are really interested in your product that’s quality & Forum answering is best bc it’s 1 to 1 if someone’s looking for a product or service you can directly pitch him.

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Neither of those things will affect SEO, @tanmayjain642, and that is the subject of this thread.

Fair warning: if you (or anyone) try this here, you are likely to have your account suspended. These forums are for discussion, not for any form of advertising or self-promotion.



To have right and relevant keywords for your website;
backlinks (to find the backlinks of your competitors by using different tools);
and social media,of course

That is right, guest blogging is perfect, it really works. I’ve read a lot of theory about it, but the practice has shown the real results and interrelation of guest blogging and traffic increase.

This isn’t my forte, but I found a page that answers your question with a lot of detail: https://altitudemarketing.com/blog/off-site-seo-checklist/

However, the question is about SEO, rather than traffic.

Guest blogging may be useful if you have something new, interesting and relevant to say and you don’t have a blog of your own on which to post it. (If you have your own blog, why give another site the benefit of your content?) If you follow this route, ensure you only post on high quality sites. Prolific posting on low quality sites is a violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

There is an irony… or is it an inevitability… that posting this statement in a thread asking the same question that’s been asked about 50,000 times before somewhat dooms the answer to this unspoken question.

There are lots of techniques of Off-page available in the market but the most effective way to generate traffic and get quality backlinks is Forum websites, Question/Answers websites. Both have enough potential to give quality backlinks as well as generate queries for the business. Rest, we can also go for Bookmarking, Classifieds etc.

Thread closed, as the OP has never bothered to return, and I’m tired of explaining why forum posting is not the way to go. banghead

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