What is the average size of an ecommerce website?

Hi guyz,
What is the average size of an ecommerce website?

Hello, I am used in crawling Cosmetics website. I would say under 1000 URLs it looks like a small Website.
Between 1500 and 3500 URLs, I would classify the website in medium size.
More than 4000 URL, It becomes a big one.

“an ecommerce website”.

What’s the average size of a fruit.

Question too vague. Answer must be vague also.

“As big as it needs to be to list all of its products and handle all of its management.”

ecommerce websites come in all shapes and sizes and flavors. (I think i might need to eat breakfast, having read my own post again); as such, they will have different sizes and needs. If you’re selling your handmade sculptures that take you weeks and months to put together, you’re not going to have many products to sell, and so wont have much need for webpage space. If you’re selling everything an alibaba warehouse can stuff into its shelves, you’re gonna need a lot more. They’re both ecommerce sites. They’re both using the amount of space they need to.

Under 1000 URLs, it appears to be a modest website, in my opinion. The website has between 1500 and 3500 URLs, which I would describe as medium in size. It grows to be a large URL with more than 4000. “an online store.”

So aside from parroting the last guy, why are URL counts the important thing?
How about counting products?
What if I have 1 product but 50 URLs for it?
What if i have 1 product and 4000 URLs of store disclaimers and sales ads?
Why is this the metric you’re using to measure a store’s size?

The question I thought of on seeing this topic is: What you you mean by “size”?
There are several ways that could be interpreted.

It’s not just the interpretation of size, but what’s the relevance?

I go back to my original response. What’s the average size of a fruit? Let’s say 6 inches. (no, i’m not going to qualify that, i’m not going to give multiple dimensions, i’m saying 6 inches. Yes, it’s as arbitrary as saying 3000 URLs.)

So if a grape that i’m holding is half an inch, is it not a fruit? Is it somehow the wrong size?

I suppose one might make a correlation between a company’s revenue, and the “size” of its website somehow?

Frankly on reading the question, my cynical brain was going to answer that an ecommerce website better be responsive and handle sizes from smart phones up to large monitors :slight_smile:

Sweet, so i can create a webpage with 5000 URL’s containing a letter of the alphabet and sell my company for a few billion then? :wink:

Give it a shot!

revenue, not asking price :slight_smile:

@mindmadetechnologies as you can see from the replies above your question is too vague to answer.

Could you please elaborate some more about what it is you want to know?

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I think size can vary drastically based on the size and number of images. A site might be very big due to pictures and videos but tiny in complexity (code). Another site might be very complex requiring many hours of programmer time yet be relatively small on disk.

we cannot decide the average size for an e-commerce website because it depends on many factors such as how many pages the website content what and all the category or products, images and which coding language is used.

Seems to me we have a consensus: we don’t know, because the question is too vague.

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