What is SRS, design and feasibility report?

I am working on a project i.e an e-education website. Our mentor told me to submit design report, feasibility report and SRS.
As i am doing it for the first time so i don’t know what should i do. how to make all these reports and what to include in them.

I need your help. Please tell me what is SRS, design report, feasibility report. What should i write in all these .

I have absolutely no idea what an SRS is, I’ve never come across such a term, it sounds like your mentor is not from a web background but more of a general engineering background. Design reports are (from what I would consider them) the basis of information architecture (so producing wireframes, early mock-up’s - all the stuff which conceptualises the websites future appearance, reasoning for design choices and usability considerations). As for the feasibility report, my best guess would be that is going to be research and analysis on competitor websites, sites which offer comparable services and trying to justify the potential of the website (and how it would improve on the existing models). Perhaps I’m totally off on what your mentor wants (As I don’t really know exactly what the assignment is) but hopefully that’s helpful, I would speak to your mentor for further clarification :slight_smile:

SRS = Software Requirements Specification?

Tommy, if that’s true it seems strange for a website. That kind of SRS isn’t exactly relevant for the project (when you get to the port and hardware requirements you’re going to be making it up on the spot). Could be right though if it’s a computer science course and their building a project (non-explicitly web based). :slight_smile:

An e-education website could very well contain web-based interactive applications, rather than static pages only. In that case, it’s a software development job and there needs to be a requirements spec.

But I’m just guessing.

yes, i am a computer engineering student and it is a project which i mentioned above.

Well I would probably ask your tutor what he means by that. Certainly the SRS is a computer science document, not really that relative to web design at all, I don’t know any web designers or developers who make use of them. I wouldn’t want to advise you (wrongly) about such a methodology. :slight_smile:

Well, if you don’t know what the abbreviation SRS is then contact the mentor as to what it means? That is what they are there for (and get paid to do). I assume the SRS is a secure report between the two parties.

You have likely been given a scenario brief which explains what the assignment is about in the first place (I cannot see that) we don’t have crystal balls. Well I do but it’s cloudy; “You see the Wizard of Yendor gazing out at you”. :wink:

It is likely they have been set the scenario; you are a leader of a small team of geeks who are in the process of trying to acquire - or have - a contract for building an e-education website. What type of resources/prerequisites would you require, i.e. hardware (servers), software, predicted project time and cost associated?

I suspect you have been asked to do similar to Systems Analysis.

A Feasibility Study is an evaluation of a proposal designed to determine the difficulty in carrying out a designated task. Generally, a feasibility study precedes technical development and project implementation. In terms of Input, Processes, Output, Fields, Programs, and Procedures. This can be quantified in terms of volumes of data, trends, frequency of updating, etc. in order to estimate whether the new system will perform adequately or not this means that feasibility is the study of the based in outline.