What is RankBoost in SEO?

whether the rankboostup seo is white or black hat SEO

It’s moreover like Grey hat SEO thats what we call

RankBoost is a way to get to traffic on website via traffic exchange program.

You can consider it in Grey Hat or Black Hat SEO.

Any technique which is not a natural way to get traffic or promote your website is always considered in Black Hat SEO.

Rankboost is all about traffic Exchange. And Google hates link exchange. So I advise you to avoid such techniques to improve your SEO score. It will drive so many users to your site but they might not be relevant. So the bounce rate will increase.

Follow the white hat techniques to keep your site safe from algorithm penalties. Slow and steady wins in SEO. if you have a traffic of 50-100 users daily but they are Genuine. So chances are there for conversions. even if you drive traffic by such activities, your conversion rate will remain the same. So avoid using such gray and black hat tactics.

I personally would avoid anything like Rankboost… if you get found out it could be devastating for your rankings… also, its not likely to drive traffic that will even convert anyway so its a waste of time and effort. Focus on other things that will benefit.

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Boostrank is a black hat technique to get traffic. Please don’t fall into such things. You may get penalized by Google. Take care :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Since a consensus has been reached and the OP has not returned this topic has run its course. Closed.