What is PHP GUI Extensions?


I found in PHP Documents I saw this section http://php.net/manual/en/refs.ui.php, anyone can tell me what is this and give me some example? I think this is part of php desktop apps.


That's an extension to build desktop apps (not web apps!) with PHP (instead of, say, C++).


I have not used this PECL extension, but it looks like a CLI command opens up a GUI that resembles VisualStudio controls.

some images at the extensions Github readme


I got it, thank everyone


Sorry, how do I create a window/interface app with PHP GUI Extension? I absolutely dont understand what they say


Why do you want to do this? This is more of one of things you do just to prove you can, not necessarily because you should. If you want to make a a desktop GUI using web tech, then look at Electron. Not this.


A few things to consider. The script, by its own definition, is "mid alpha", not stable, etc. I have several PHP localhost apps but they typically have web pages as the interface and they do not involve the OS - they are not desktop apps in the true sense.

Because I have Windows OS, if I were to write a desktop app I would use VisualStudio not PHP