What is niche sites?

what is niche sites ? how this helps for seo?

Niche in this case means “a distinct segment of a market” so really any site focused on a single topic or group would quality. However when someone says niche what they usually mean is a smaller focus towards a very particular segment so you have a niche focus on weddings or weddings for people in their 20s.

The benefit to SEO should be fairly straight forward: having links and content on a focused site makes it more obvious to the search engines what the topic at hand is so they can focus their weighting towards that rather than on a large portal where it may not be clear if the link relates to one subject or another. But just because a site is focused doesn’t mean it’s the right place to be.

You also get other benefits from niche sites that are well seo’d, i.e.
You should get a lower bounce rate as most of your visitors will be looking for precisely what you have to offer.
It should be easier for you to become an authority on your niche as this is the sole focus of your site.
PPC should be less expensive as your keywords are likely to be less generalised
Getting relative backlinks should be more straightforward than for a site with a broader range of goods/services

Most of the replies above should have cleared your doubt. It is basically any website related to a particular category which is not widely talked about. One example could be “training kits for babies”.