What is it called again I am having an Brain fart

I made this 20 times and am starting a new project and forget what it is called it is at the top of the page usually below the nav an image and text and buttons on it Sitepoint has it even on their homepage.

You mean a hero image?

Rotating banner? Carousel?


Isn’t that a “hero image”, as @Martyr2 has already said?

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As you’ve already done it 20 times before, can’t you refer back to your other projects?

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beck then I remember not calling it a hero image.

Well, if you’re working with somebody else, you can ask them what they call it, so you’re both using the same terminology. If you’re working on your own, it doesn’t really matter what you call it, as long as you know what you’re referring to.


Hero image, header, navigation bar? Though that image you shared looks more like a footer type.

I would call that a Hero Section but as others have said, it doesn’t actually matter what you call it if it does what you want. I don’t know if you are using Bootstrap but maybe you are thinking of a jumbotron which can have a background image.

What is a hero section?

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