What is internet marketing?

Can anybody explain what internet marketing really is?
And is social media is a part of it/>??

thanks in advance

If you checked carefully this forum, you would find your answer on top of every other post.

Check up the most frequent FAQ here:

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Internet Marketing or Online Marketing is the process by which we attract people towards website or services for increasing sales…

In a nut shell its promoting your brand or company through articles on the web like in blogs or on different websites or forums. If you are just starting out you need to know that quality content is key and if you can’t write it yourself find someone to do it properly. <snip>. You would use social Media to drive more traffic to your site once you have some content up. So I guess you can say that its part of internet marketing.

Internet marketing or Online marketing is a part of website promotion or SEM through which we attract people on our site or product for lead purpose. Now a days PPC is increasing day by day in Internet marketing in compare of organic seo because through PPC advertisement we can get business lead to fast but its a fact that its to much costly in compare of organic seo.
Social media is also a part of Internet marketing we can use it for our product sell or promotion.

All SEO, PPC and Social Media Optimization is the part of the Internet marketing. Internet Marketing is Online marketing where we can share our products and services to others and making money.

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