What is HTML5

Hello Friends

I wanna know about HTML5 so please give me information.

Hi komalsinghx3, welcome to the forums.

What in particular do you want to know about it?

Hello Friends

Give me your answer i am waiting.

HTML is a markup language used to define the structure and content of web pages. In regards to how it works, well, that’s an incredibly broad question that can’t be answered within the scope of a forum post. If you want to learn it, I recommend starting with Codecademy.com as an introduction.

If that’s not the kind of answer you were after, then you’ll need to make your question a lot more specific.

I agree - I challenge you to go to code academy and start off there. Post your progress here for us. You will only learn if you build a sense of natural curiosity.

HTML is the “frame” that content and other elements sit within on a web page. It stands for Hyper Text Mark Up Language.

It’s Hyper.

komalsinghx3 - I’ve merged your two threads as the topics are very similar.

Do you know about simple HTML? if you know that then you can understand the HTML5 which is advanced and latest.

Thanks guys. This is really not an appropriate question for a forum, and the OP seems not interested in the answers, so let’s close this one out.