What is green alternative for #F9423A?

I dont know how find green alternative for hex #F9423A. :frowning:

What do you mean? Where are you trying to replace that color? In what context? What shade of green are you looking for?

If you’re just looking for a way to find hex codes for colors, you can use any of dozens of available color pickers like http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp to find the color you want.

As Jeffrey says your question doesn’t really make sense. If you want colours to go with your red, you could try playing with http://paletton.com - for example, http://paletton.com/#uid=7020u0kozvfePJqk6A7u8s-vhm2

I want get green version of this red one - F9423A

Do you have someone near you who can translate from your native language (rather than using a service like Google to translate)? I feel like there is still miscommunication here :slight_smile: .

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I’d go with #2DC13F

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Are you talking about complementary colours?

This might help. It is the triad plus complementary colour

I suggested paletton.com but OP doesn’t appear to have looked.

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