What is decision tree classifier? Exactly!

Hi, I’m noob to machine learning, just I was going through Google’s Machine Learning recipes videos, in which I came up with something called as DecisionTreeClassifier. The things which I didn’t understood there is that he used an example of deciding a fruit based on features.

The features used in the example are as follows : Weight, Texture

The code is as follows :

from sklearn import tree

# Here 0 indicates texture (bumpy) and 1 indicates texture (plain)
features = [[ 140, 1 ] [ 130, 1 ] [ 150, 0 ] [ 170, 0 ]]

# Here 0 indicates fruit (orange) and 1 indicates fruit (apple)
labels = [0, 0, 1, 1]

clf = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier()
clf = clf.fit(features, labels)
print clf.predict([[150, 0]])

My question is that,

Where the machine is actually learning and where the learnt data is saved?

And on what bases machine is deciding the fruit type?

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