What is css

What Is css

I like to know

I have complete html all ready and I would like to make a membership site con u help me please.

Hi mark, your question is a bit vague. HTML with no CSS is pretty ordinary. It’s very easy to find out what CSS is, so do some research, give it a try, and if you get stuck on something, let us know and we’ll try to help out. :slight_smile:

to make a membership site, for the login u will use one of the auto responder on that site.

HTML defines what your content is. CSS is how you define how it should appear on whichever device is being used to look at it - you can define different CSS for mobile devices, computer screens, printers etc if you like.

To create a membership site you’ll need a server side language to handle the login processing etc. CSS can’t help you with that as it only defines how the page looks, not what it does.


How can i change a templete color

You first need to learn how CSS relates to HTML. Do a bit of reading on that first. :slight_smile:

The main benefit in CSS is that it manages to seperate the style from the content on your web page.It leads to less code behind your web pages which helps the download times of a page.

CSS means cascading Style Sheet. CSS can be modify the web pages at a time. CSS is used for designing the layouts and giving your webpage a better appearance.

This looks like a thread that will go downhill fast, so I’ll close it off now. @mark x As I said above, do some research on CSS basics and then feel free to resume questions when there’s something you don’t understand. :slight_smile: