What is content driven link building?

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Please share your knowledge, ideas and anything related to this…what is content driven link building and how much it is useful to get ranked.
and if I want to do it…from where can i start…

Any thing more related to that…would be great.

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In simple SEO terms, it is called “content marketing.”

You are driving your target market to your site/product/service by providing valuable content within your industry for the purpose of driving them to your conversion funnel.

Here is a good comprehensive article from Moz about the content marketing strategy and how to build your own:

A successful content driven link building strategy would involve writing blog articles that your users and social media followers find so interesting/entertaining that they share it with their friends. If you promote your content in the right way, and it is good enough, people will actually want to share it on their own. This is the content that Google wants to promote.

Good Content = Quality back links. If you continue updating your content at your website whether its a business or service website. It will give you a great advantage to create a good impression in Google.

Content Driven Link Building would be producing content (content can be but is not limited to: written content, videos, images, infographics, visualizations, podcasts, and original data) that is so entertaining, informational and/or useful that people link to it. Your site obtains backlinks which is one of the factors (arguably the most important factor) that search engines like Google use to determine the quality of a website, it’s webpages and where to rank these webpages for a specific search query.

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just another small question.What if content i am using ,is unique and had all the information regarding to business… and if i am guest posting that content on a different blog sites… do i have to write a unique content each time i am posting…or it is ok to go with the same one…cause i think it is pretty spam
thanks for any advice

In addition to all the comments above, it is good to note that content marketing can have new dimensions when it is integrated with video marketing. If your business can feature videos in its profile (most type of business can have videos), you can simply focus on the quality of this video and market it properly within the context of your page.

You need to write unique articles for every post.

When it comes to producing content, quality is much more important than quantity. One good blog post that is informative and interesting enough that people decide on their own to share it will benefit your site a lot more than 100 blog posts that no one cares about.

People are more likely to share a video than a blog post. The reason videos are good for marketing is because users are more likely to interact with your site/share your content.

You also need to focus on good content presentation because it persuade visitors to share content among their friends just like mashable.com. Use attractive photographic images, gif animation to improve look & feel of content.

Content driven link building means content marketing which can be done by using relevant and unique article on a high PR site or blog which is connected to each other and have a hyperlink in the content linked to the main domain.

No, it isn’t. You haven’t read the thread properly.

Content driven marketing is basically a part of seo under which you engage your visitor either on your website or some other’s website using the quality content .this can be a blog, article or your webpage content .