What is considered to be "first party data"?

Hi, I came across few articles that talk about first party data, second party data, and third party data. I get a bit confused.


First party data is loosely defined as information you yourself have collected about your audience. (The “first party” is you.) In the context of display advertising, first-party data is most often cookie-based data , and it can include information gathered from website analytics platforms, CRM systems, and business analysis tools.


First data encompasses things like existing customer email addresses, their buying profile and at the simplest level, tracking their onsite behavior. These data points allow advertisers to target existing customers with up or cross sells, or provide highly customized offers to potential customers who did not convert the first time around.

Can I know if the cookie pool collected from sitewide tag such as GA and facebook pixel are considered as first part data as well?

Thank you.

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