What is considered a high traffic volume?

How many unique visitors per day would you consider to be a high volume?

That’s a very good question… and a question that I really wouldn’t know how to answer…

There are many factors that affect what you would consider high traffic and in very specific niches 1000 per month would be considered high but… I’d say that 10000 per month is decent.

IMO at least 10,000 a day.

From memory Google consider high traffic to be over a million a month - that’s when they let you negotiate on ad formats.

i think I need to get to about 20000 a month before I would get what the ball rolling on my project, quite some way to go yet, but hard work and constant progress should eventually pay off.

around thousands unique visitors a day would be fair enough… but then it depends on the status of the site…

that depend on which industry and how many pages your website has. If you website is a B2B site and have many pages, you will get a high traffic, but it is not enough.

If your websites have huge amount of images and videos then you should expect more than 5000 unique visitors/ day.
How much big your websites(pages) are, you need to bring a volume of traffic which equals with your pages. And also it also depends on what product your website is concentrating with.


Can you share some effective way to get 10,000 visitors per day ? I think your suggestion will help us lots.


10,000 is the good amount of traffic for a website per month…

Come up with an idea for a website that will appeal to lots of people.


estimation for high tarffic volume of keywords, is depends on high quality of website and targetted keywords ( whether if it is local or global market )
As normal traffic volume estimation for a month is arround 800 -1000 is good