What is an API?

Can anyone explain in detail, what is API. I have heard many times that this project uses this API. What is this API.Please do explain in detail.

Application Programming Interface

it is any standard interface that is intended for use by other applications that need to interface with the one offering the API.

Does that means if my java code is using any API. That means my code can use the classes of that API? Is it so?

If the API is provided as classes then yes.

An API is a standard set of methods to allow two (or more) systems to communicate with each other and get a response.

In that case library jar files/js files or any other files in libs folder do the same thing.So the libs folder files are APIs. Is that true ? Or else what is the differrence between the API and libs folder files?

Only if you publish the details of all of the options so that ANYONE can use it.

APIs share functionality with the universe without them having to copy your code.

Thanks Felgall ! Thanks for clarifying this much…Just wanted to clear this part of your answer. What does “without them having to copy your code” this means?Didyou mean the code of API or my other code which uses the API?

They call the code of the API - they have nothing to do with any of your other code unless the API uses that other code (not your code that uses the API - the other way around)

Thanks a ton…!!

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