What is actual keyword density necessary for a web content?

Key word is the single most important factor for SEO. Once it was a point that 3-4% keyword density was necessary for SEO of a content. It is also a concern that key word stuffing is bad for a content.
What is the current status of maintaining key word density in a content and what is the ideal key word density to be taken care of in a content, keeping in view the above situation and other factors?

Don’t worry so much about key word density, but good quality content. SEO means nothing if the customer leaves after the first visit to the page.

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First of all don’t think of keywords while designing a web page, create
your web page in such a way that it should be informative and content is
visible so that users
can have the information what he is seeking for. And also avoid keyword
stuffing in your content and create your web page look natural.

Hi there! I hope this helps but I usually follow a 2-3 keywords per 500 worded content and so far I haven’t encountered any SEO related issues with it… Overall, just focus on observing proper SEO and continue to make quality contents that your readers will enjoy reading. After all, if you give them something valuable, they will continue to visit your site…:slight_smile:

At early days of search engines, key words density was an important factor for SEO but today the overuse of key words will cause a web page to be penalized.

In my idea the density should relate to other subject of the website as a whole , and relevant links to the site and page , but I can’t tell in percentage , have to challenge.

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