What is a javascript applications's chrome?

Firefox kept hanging on some pages running scripts that take to long to run.

An attempt to fix the problem led me to this page:

JavaScript that takes a long time to run can make the browser unresponsive. As such, a check is built in to allow long-running scripts to be aborted. That check is now able to differentiate between scripts running in web pages (content) and scripts running in the application’s chrome. This preference determines how long scripts running from chrome are allowed to run before the user can choose to abort the script.

What is an applications chrome in relation to javascript? Searching brings up info about Google chrome browser.

JavaScripts running in the browser chrome are scripts running as part of the browser rather than as part of a specific web page. The scripts will be found in a subfolder of the folder where the browser runs from on your computer rather than being downloaded from the web.

Generally the chrome of any application are the title bar, menu, toolbars, status bar, and outer border. The part of the application that looks approximately the same whether you have data loaded in the application or not.

Thanks for the explanation.