What is a best login system?



hello everyone what is a best login system for both user admin mod
i have gotten a login system from Tutorial Republic but this one is not good :frowning:


What type of login system (user+password, api key, token, oauth, ...) do you have in mind?


just a normal multiply login and sign up system so it goes to admin.php and dashborad for user and mod for modpanel etc :slight_smile:


I do not recommend making your own if you are new to PHP or relatively started learning PHP. Most newbies fail to understand the concept of a login system. Login systems are really complex applications for someone starting PHP. You have to consider web security + a properly implemented login system. Not to mention optimizing for hundreds if not thousands of users.

It may be an exaggeration on usage, but you should take security with a grain of salt. It is super easy to mess up on a login system if not implemented correctly.


Yes i am new to php i also know to not make my own this is why i am asking for a link or if people know a good site that has what i need?

this is not gonna be for thousands off users just my own project that i am working on to learn

i know my php and i know how to edit those stuff but not building it as yet

just taking little steps lol


As always ... it depends. Most battle tested login systems are part of a framework since there you have a known environment.

As a rough estimate about the multitude of login systems check out https://packagist.org/search/?q=login


with frameworks you cant run node.js on shared hosting so looking for just php scripts not frameworks

but i will look at the link you gave me thanks


Sorry if I come across blunt, but the fact you're asking strongly suggests that you should not attempt this for anything more than learning experience. You have the end goal - a login system - but seem to have a very limited conception of what's involved.

There are many options each with their strengths, weaknesses, and pitfalls. If you are wanting this for a live site, I concur that you should go with an existing solution that is mature.

On the other hand, learning is a good thing. I think a good first stop would be

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