What if your site font style doesn't match with your custom logo design

I see there are a lot of sites in which following mistake that is been neglected and eventually leads to fall down by rankings. Custom logo design that is not fulfilling the needs of site in terms of expressing what they will do for you.
Neglecting the standards of web 2.0
Css malfunctioning
Font style that may cause visitor turn to other site.

It would be nice if you could explain yourself a bit futher. Most logos are pictures even if they’re font-based logos … basically for the limitations that the web has to use certain fonts. I can’t understand what you mean with neglecting the standards of the web 2.0 or CSS malfunctioning.

Exactly it depends upon niche I am not focusing each of it I said most of it they are a lot of picture type of logos that give extra look whether its illustrated or not.

Wait, not having a custom logo - or having a bad logo - can make my site drop in the rankings!?

Not every time people react about a logo and that is not give a sense to de-ranked,appealing logo design eventually make your customer to surf thoroughly so what’s the benefit!!a question pops in everyone’s mind?
its simple because there time on website is noted on search engine log.

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