What happened to the VIDEO section?

i was here at SitePoint about 4 days ago and there was a “VIDEO” section under the “Design Your Site” forum section.

i see now that it is gone? i asked a question about streaming live and got good responses, but now i have no idea where to ask these questions now.

what happened to the Video section?:eek:

In the case of Adobe (for video streaming) you’ll want the Flash forum as that’s the product which implements it. :slight_smile:

ok cool thanks everyone.


SirFrigglesworth, what medium are you intending to stream video with? Are you going to use Flash to broadcast the video from source or something else?

I would say…

If your looking for something technical related to video (like the various formats), use computer hardware and software.
If it’s about implementing it on a website (such as using Flash) use the appropriate forum for the language being used.
If it’s about the delivery side of things (server to end user or resource usage) then place it in the hosting section.

PS: We have some general development / web design forums which can fit the stuff which doesn’t fit elsewhere :smiley:


so does that mean i can’t ask video related questions anywhere? even in say “General Chat?” :frowning:

ok, thanks!:slight_smile:

Hello SirFrigglesworth,

you can post your question(s) relating to videos and related media anywhere you think fits the bill.

We’re in the process of organizing things. :slight_smile:

If you’re ever unsure, General Chat is a great place to post something.

Well generally you should know where it best fits (if it’s adding a flash video on your website either the Flash forum or the HTML one would be the best place - as it’s HTML code that adds the file in), but the thread would likely be moved to that section if it was out of place. :slight_smile:

Then if someone would post a thread related to implementing a video on the web site such as what you’ve just said “Flash” here in General Chat… would it be allowed or shall it be transferred to the best fit of topics?