What happened to the PR of sitepoint?

I just checked with 3 different ranking tools the pagerank of sitepoint and it shows me PR 0. I know that Sitepoint was PR7, dropped 7 points?

The sitepoint forum still has PR7 check SitePoint Forums: Resources, Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL and more for your web site. this page for PR.

To me it shows that it still has PR 0, even the forum.
Have a look: Here

I am also seeing PR0 on sitepoint.com, but the usual 7 on the forums, using the Seo Status Alexa/PR toolbar in Firefox.

If it still ranking well on search results then nothing to worry about guys

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The obsession with PageRank is totally unhelpful. PageRank is only one factor out of over 200 that Google considers when deciding where to put a page on the search results. If you’re appearing high up the list, that is what matters.

Steve D: Though people say that PR has nothing to do with the ranking of a page in SERPs, most webmasters and advertisers believe in PR of a page. This is particularly true if the site depends on external advertisements for sustenance. Surprisingly, sitepoit home page is showing PR0. Check it here:

If the PR is not a metric for Google SERP, it is better that Google drops showing PR metric all together. If G continues to display PR, and if some pages have improportionate PR (though they have traffic), then it is hard to get any advertisers to display their ads on the website.

It may be noted that the forum folder SitePoint Forums: Resources, Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL and more for your web site. is showing PR7.

It still ranking in the 7 the position. How did you check the PR?

Your reliance on PR bears no relevance to whether it is actually used by Google. As Steve D has corrected stated, PageRank is only a tiny factor in itself. To be frank, if an advertiser relied on the PageRank of a site then in my eyes they’re not worth dealing with.

Again, what advertisers think is irrelevant. All that matters in the SEO forum is what Google uses to rank pages, and if an advertiser wants to use an easily-inflatable number like PR to justify its spending then it’s up to them.

Personally I don’t care about Pagerank. However, I would think it kind of strange and noteworthy if a big-personality site like SP suddenly dropped its toolbar ranking. Wouldn’t you? :slight_smile:

I agree with those who said “PR is irrelevant”. PR is in no way connected with SERP ranking by Google. Also, with many sites without much traffic rank good PRs than those sites which attract lesser traffic.

really i noticed it
yes its true google pagerank checker also shows zero pagerank

I’m using searchstatus plugin in mozila. It shows PR7 as its page rank.

i also checked 10 days back it has a PR7 and today in the same site (website outlook) it says PR0, why it drops rank to 0 is any reason

Why do you people follow the PR value of the sitepoint pages?
Yes I’m a curious fellow :smiley:

I don’t. However, when someone pointed out that the toolbar PR of sitepoint.com had suddenly changed to zero, my curiosity was aroused. If the same thing happened to eBay.com or cnn.com, wouldn’t you think it rather strange? SP is one of the top 1000 Alexa sites, after all. A mystifying disruption of PR may not be noteworthy for SEO, but it’s at least news in my book. :slight_smile:

Well said kenquad. It also exposes the inconsistencies of Google search/ranking algo. Can some one give a link to official statement (not from any blog) from Google that discredits PR of any significance?

PageRank has nothing to do with the ranking for certain keywords.

Google announced a few days ago that there will be a PageRank update soon … so maybe, this is what just has happened…?

Hey Guys,

As the Marketing Manager for sitepoint and the group-wide search manager across 99designs, flippa, sitepoint, learnable etc…I’m deep in the mines of analysing our SERP’s every day.

There has been no sudden slap, no loss of authority and no negative impact on Sitepoint. I track some 2000 keywords on a bi-weekly basis for Sitepoint. If anything, rankings are up recently and not down and traffic from Google over the last few days is actually about 5% above the 3 month average.

No need for panic. I’m sure that it’s just a PR system hiccup. That being said, pagerank is nowhere near as relevant as it was 10 years ago. There are far more important factors at work.

Stay tuned for some big changes at Sitepoint in the next few weeks. There is something exciting happening here at our HQ :slight_smile:


Pillow fight? :weyes: