What evil thing are you planning for this Halloween?

For me, I have been doing a lot of searches for authentic clown clothes that Pennywise is recognized as wearing in the IT movie. My goal is to look as close to being Pennywise as possible.


Because I live in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect traffic pattern. This will take considerable planning so my target will be Halloween 2015.

What are you planning?

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There was a house a couple years ago that used to excel at finding places to hide and scaring the kids. One year he was a scarecrow. Another he hid in a pile of leaves. The kids used to scream their heads off, but all loved it.

They were so bummed when they moved as the people that replaced them didn’t even bother to do trick or treat.


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That is pretty good. In our old neighborhood, I had a dummy that used to sit at the end of the driveway nearest the house and it was dressed in all black and had a Scream mask. It would sit there all day just holding a sign pointing to the front porch.

When it got dark, I would replace the dummy with me sitting there. And then I moved. I was scaring everyone. It was great!

We also had a neighbor behind us that had a casket setup and his family would lay in the yard as corpses. Once the kids were at the back door getting their candy they would all get up and start chasing the kids. That was awesome too.

I am hoping to add a little more zip in peoples “dodas”. Our area now is SO boring.

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It’s my mother’s birthday on Halloween, so we’ll probably go for a meal or something like that.

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I only hand out treats :candy: to any that come to the door. I don’t live in a “young family” neighborhood and most years it’s been none. So I only get treats that we like ourselves :wink:

When I was 12 years old (not a kid anymore and too old to go trick-or-treating) I wore a scary mask and set up a dark spooky “handing out” area with eerie music in the background. A mother of a very young child actually berated my mother for letting me scare her poor child.



Sorry, that reminded me. I would scare the parents first and then go after the little kids.

I know, I know…I was evil back then.


Probably going to our relatives grave and spend whole night there with there family.

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Wife has to work, I don’t like kids, all my friends have kids. I’ll probably be sitting on my computer with a beer working on stuff.

I’m lame.

Plus, trick or treaters will throw my dog into a seizure.


I am too lazy to do anything …so i’ll be on my PC enjoying some horror movies .

I am thinking to arrange a party, the theme, and costume are not decided yet, well after done with the decoration I will show you pics…