What England needs

What do England need to actually win a competition in terms of set-up and players?

Mo Farrah and Jessica Ennis look pretty promising to me. :slight_smile:

A miracle!!

To be fair the current crop of youngsters look half decent so although I am not too expectant for the Euros I would like to think we can make at least a SEMI push in Brazil 2014.

Ooofff optimistic…I did read good old Woy will be playing the same team against the Swedes on Friday so expect us to make them look like a world force.

Why the hell does he play Milner??? he’s like our Van Bommel without the speed, skill, presence, ability and good looks.

I should be more positive but when they revert back to playing like scared kids it just spells anxiety. They could of nailed France the way they played in the first 20 mins. Listening to Lescott after the match he actually admitted they sat back.
Which idiot things by holding on to a 1-0 lead by sitting back and letting the other team attack???

Capello-itis……….the lesson is you should never trust a 72 year old man who dyes his hair jet black too much ego and pride.
I reckon we’ll scrap out of the group and then suffer at the hands of a team who have a half decent set-up.

Still have the best defence in the comp though.

Maybe get Carroll on up front with Welbeck and we could cause some mild concern for teams

When did they get in the squad??? Mind you i suspect they could do way more damage than the current shower.

Has Jess lost all that weight yet? tut tut

[FONT=Verdana]Which squad? You didn’t mention any particular competition, and they look to me like England’s best chances of winning anything at the moment. :smiley:


England needed to win EURO 2012… But it failed… Alas(

Good point my mistake!!!

I think England can win World cup 2014 , because they have a good team . They just need a good coach .