What drives a customer towards an outsourcing entrepreneur instead of established company?


Hi , I am Saravana Kumar. I have 10+ years of experience in Insurance/Reinsurance outsourcing industry. I am part of a start up which deals financial and Insurance outsourcing. I want to understand better and implement the key factors which will drive the customers towards the start-ups instead of well established companies. How can a start-up stay different from the mix specially in outsourcing industry.


You do know this is a web development forum don't you? I doubt anyone here can advise on financial and insurance outsourcing.


It was posted in web development forum by mistake, I have changed the forum... Thanks


I believe @chrisofarabia's point was that the SitePoint Forums are aimed at a web development community. It is therefore unlikely that you will find others here with the relevant experience to advise you. You might get a better response in a forum geared to your niche.


For a start-up is very difficult to attract clients, clients mostly trust well established companies because the risk factor is much lesser then a start up. Firstly, you have to provide attractive deals to the customers. Secondly, just do a well planned and organised marketing of your deals. You will also get great response from online marketing.


Outsourcing has a lot of advantages, such as optimization of costs, time and other efforts. Just finished reading a great post on this topic, and seriously planning to outsource some web developing functions to Eastern Europe, just hesitating between Poland and Ukraine (Ukraine is traditionally cheaper).


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