What domain shall i buy for a personal website .info or .com?

some one asked me to develop a personal website for him. Its all about his awards and achievements. Which domain is most suitable for his personal website .info or .com

i know .com is a top level domain which i can use for anything.

why .info ?

Might as well go for .com if you can get it. I think of other domains like .info as poor cousins that you get if .com is taken.

With out a doubt .com is will be the wise choice. .info TLDs reputation with engines

Definitely .com. Get .info as well if you want to, for cybersquatting protection purposes. The real value though, will be in the .com.

I highly recommend .com website for your personal website. It is more valuable than .info.

.com is for companies and for commercial purposes.
.name is for personal websites
Good luck

In theory, but distinctions like those really disappeared long ago.

I will say use .com for your personal website

dot com

.com gives more trust to other people. .info is often used for spam sites

.com "cadillac of DNs " if you can scare one up.