What does this error tel me?

I got this messing with nhibernate today, and can’t seem to isolate why I’m getting it.

could not initialize a collection: [Venue.Domain.Forum.Moderators#11][SQL: SELECT moderators0_.Venue.Domain.ForumId as Venue4_1_, moderators0_.Id as Id1_, moderators0_.Id as Id29_0_, moderators0_.UserId as UserId29_0_, moderators0_.ForumId as ForumId29_0_ FROM Moderators moderators0_ WHERE moderators0_.Venue.Domain.ForumId=?]

I’m trying to delete a forum entity, which maintains a list of moderators. There are none in the collection so I don’t understand.

Nvm… braind dead on this one. I fixed it. This bit “Venue.Domain.ForumId=?” told me my HasManyConvention was returning “Venue.Domain.Forum” and adding “Id” to it. So I had an ‘instance.EntityType + “Id”’ entry instead of ‘instance.EntityType.Name + “Id”’.