What does "Build Failing" mean in Github?

I’ve assumed that “Build failing” means the package in question on Github doesn’t work but I read one comment elsewhere suggesting otherwise. What does it mean and pertain to?

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I haven’t seen this at github before. But “build” suggests a compiled language like Java not compiling. I.e. The build fails

Or it isn’t passing the automated tests they may have setup. Which means there could be a bug in the package or the test is written poorly.

Can you explain what you mean by automated tests? I understand the idea of some languages require builds but for this particular javascript package, I guess I don’t get it.

The package in question

Yeah, it has a tests directory and some of those tests are failing.

He also references the tests in the Contributing.md file

Unfortunately, he doesn’t link to where his tests are running, Travis CI (is a common one) and is indeed the one they are using

And their build history


Okay thanks. I am unfamiliar with this aspect of Github. I will need to learn more about it including Travis Cl. If I look up the subject, should I just look up “testing on github” or something like that?

I’d start with the Travis-CI documentation

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