What do you think of my new website?

I just lunched a new website, what do you think of the design? http://jumzler.com/

And what do you think of the idea? http://jumzler.com/what-is-jumzler

Thanks in a dvance.

Why does it keep repainting the same articles over and over and over again as you scroll down?

And personal opinion, the black bar that goes up on hover of the header is too thick…

This is something should be fixed with the time “articles” when being a lot. The top bar will hold channels in the future and will be fatter than this.

What do you think about the idea?



Your site looks pretty good!

Hi @jumzler, nice with the effort. But i will say there is so much wrong with the site in terms of usability and experience.

  1. The typography does communicate well with the user.

  2. The navigation buttons associated with the carousel have a z-index value greater than the header bar which makes it to overlay on the header when the page is scrolled.

  3. I would also say there is so little content on the page. And maybe that takes away any profession trust in the site. (I would personally not stay on the page for more than a minute considering the quality and feel of the site)

I hope you don’t take this hard, I really tried to be constructive here without denting your passion in the dev thing.
You have to read and expand your horizon more to do great stuffs.
We all are suppose to, actually.

Just hold onto your passion and let consistency drive your path. You can make it. The beginnings are always rough and bumpy.

All the best!

Thanks a lot.

I’ll try my best to make a better website, so everyone gets a greater Exp.

your site looks nice…

@Mobirise @LeapKaustubhP Thanks you so much.

The site looks solid, I like the design and navigation is pretty simple. Keep up the good work.

Hey cool site! And interesting idea too!