What do you think about this way of learning to make websites?

Hello! I’ve been awarded Free Code Camp front-end certificate, now I want to build a website. I can make a simple website using bootstrap and jQuery, but I want to make a custom one.

What do you think about this way of learning making websites:
1)find a website, you like(for example on Themeforest)
2)get into the code and figure out what every line and all elements of the code do
3)using what you’ve just known, build your own website

Hi, for me the best thing is to try build something i really want to build so i wont quit it on first problems but try to resolve them :slight_smile:

Looking at how other sites are coded can be a useful way to learn - provided the coding is good. Check the HTML and CSS in the Validators before relying on anything in the site.


If you want to use other sites to learn from, another way to approach it would be to try to create the same layout for yourself without looking at the code first. (Choose something simple to start with. ) If you get really stuck, you have the site code to use as a reference, but working out for yourself how to achieve something is a very valuable lesson.

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In my opinion its not a best way to learn design a website. its a copy cat. if you want to really learn how to design website yourself then first of all learn the code, think about yourself to increase your creativity and then when you start your first step make a wireframe layout of your website. then design in photoshop, illustrator and other graphic software which you know verywell and hands on experience yourself. after design a layout now chosse the platform to build your website coding. asp.net, php, html, bootstrap etc… when you develop your website like this way then i can say that its a best way to learn make a website yourself. have a nice day.

This is just my opinion and how i like to work but i would take it right back to basics. Bootstrap and Jquery are all fine and good but do you actually need them? probably not in most cases.

I like this approach https://csswizardry.com/2011/01/the-real-html5-boilerplate/. just start with the minimum and build up the bits you actually need. At each stage check for validity and how it renders on different screens etc.

I always thought this was a good concept http://www.csszengarden.com/ it’s the same base code but you can do so much with the styling. Get a good solid base and you can adapt the design


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