What data type is best for

I have a field where up to 7 choices can be made (0-7) and each choice would require a pretty long explanation (about a sentence) So should I use the VARCHAR(300) data type or if I can figure out a way to correspond each of the 7 options (which will always be the same) to a number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) which would need a smaller data type (MEDIUMINT?), then how would I use PHP to convert any of the numbers to an explanation (which would be nothing more than a string)

Thank you!!

you would have two columns one for the explanation, the other for the value of 1 through 7 as the id.

You can either use two tables and link them together via tinyint (you really don’t need mediumint for 1-7)

id  name  choice
1   john  1
2   suzy  3
3   pete  7

id  description
1   I want breakfast with orange juice
2   I want breakfast with apple juice
3   I don't want any breakfast at all

or you can do the latter in PHP if you wish

  1=>'I want breakfast with orange juice',
  'I want breakfast with apple juice',
  'I don\\'t want any breakfast at all'

but that’s less portable and you won’t be able to interpret the data anymore from the database alone.